It’s all a bit confusing out there

By Lucy Adam
Campaigns Lead at Barnwood Trust


The Let’s Be Clear campaign isn’t just about clear face masks (although these are a key part of the campaign and important for so many people), it’s also about clear communications in general.

There is SO much information out there about the pandemic, about the vaccine, about the rules and about who needs to shield and who doesn’t, what you can and can’t do (to name a few things) and for some people it’s all just a bit too much.

It can be confusing and worrying, not knowing which pieces of information you need to know and understand and which is just simply misinformation that needs to be ignored.

We thought that it might be helpful to share some links that could help with this, so we have added a few below to help you find information that is correct, simple, and hopefully helpful.


  • Inclusion Gloucestershire have created a Covid resource hub with lots of information on things like the vaccine, Covid testing and personal protection (along with many other things):


  • NHS Inform have also produced a lot of the information about Covid in Easy Read formats:


  • Mencap have produced a lot of information about Covid in Easy Read formats including vaccine information, shielding information and the lockdown rules:


  • The BBC have a team that work specifically on fact checking when misinformation is shared:


  • The BBC have also shared a helpful video created by Adil Ray explaining what’s in the vaccine for those who are going to receive it:


  • The World Health Organisation have a whole section on their website dedicated to myth busting around Covid:


  • BBC have produced a simple guide on how to stay safe:


If you have any good resources or information that you think would be useful to share please do let us know by emailing