Let’s Be Clear is a campaign for clear face masks and clearer communication across Gloucestershire.

We want more people to wear clear face masks in public places, to make communicating and connecting easier for a wide range of people. We also want to share communication hints and tips to make information accessible to everyone.

The Our Changing World report from Barnwood Trust highlighted the barriers to communication and lack of accessibility of information during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has made life more difficult for many disabled people in Gloucestershire and impacted on their mental wellbeing.

Face masks help keep us all safe, but non-clear masks increase communication difficulties and isolation. They create a barrier for people who rely on lip reading and facial expressions to communicate, and for people who experience difficulties with speech. This includes people who are deaf or hard of hearing, people with a learning disability, a physical disability, autism, dementia, or English as a second language.

Join the Let’s Be Clear movement for clearer communication and better inclusion across our county.

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