Clear face masks for parent carers of disabled children

By Nicole Hastie, Active Impact


As part of the Let’s Be Clear campaign, Gloucestershire Parent Carer Forum, supported by Active Impact, has packs of x5 clear reusable face masks for families with disabled children who would benefit from clearer communication.


These can be given to people who teach, support or talk to your child. To access these masks, you need to be a member of the parent carer forum.  Membership is free and is open to anyone in Gloucestershire who is a parent/family carer of a disabled child. To get your set of clear face masks please follow the link below to complete the form (and sign up to Forum if you aren’t yet a member)


So far masks have gone out to almost 50 families across the county. We think has had a hugely positive impact on the lives of those young people and their families.


Below you can read what some of the families have said about the masks….

‘I have had lots of compliments regarding the clear face masks that you sent us. They have made such a difference for us as a family!’


‘The clear masks have been really helpful for me and my family. Being partially deaf myself and having a deaf son, mother and father in the family, it has been extremely beneficial to us all. It sounds so trivial but it means so much. You can actually see a person’s mouth. You can see their facial expression more clearly – you can tell if they are smiling at you! And of course, you can also read their lips, which makes understanding so much easier. A small, clear window on a face mask really can and does make such a difference. Thank you so much!’


‘Thank you very much for supplying us with these – we have kept one as a spare so if my son needs any other appointments we can supply the clear face mask in preference to a traditional one as it really helps our son being able to cope.’


‘My son is 10 years old, he has ASD and a sensory processing disorder so the clear face masks have been a massive help especially in loud places like supermarkets! My son can get very frustrated very quickly if he can’t understand me so him being able to see what I’m saying clearly has a huge impact! Fantastic idea.. and 1 less thing to worry about in these uncertain times :)’